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T-REX back as sponsor Dutch Ice Hockey


Everything is possible when a national team gets the support they need”

As Director of T-REX Rubber Borrit Boshart is happy to sponsor the “Dutch Lions” again. “Ice hockey in Holland deserves support as well, because I am convinced that everything is possible when a national team gets the support they need”.

Borrit is a huge ice hockey fan, when he is not on the road with his best friend to attend a game in Germany or anywhere else, he spends a big part of his free time to play ice hockey himself in Enschede and Nijmegen.

The Dutch National Ice Hockey Team played their last official international game in Kazakhstan in February 2020 during the Olympic Pre-Qualification Round. So it has been a while they played. In the past two years the World Championship have been cancelled by the international ice hockey federation IIHF due to the corona pandemic. The Dutch team will play the World Championship in Division II Group A in end of April 2022in Zagreb, Croatia.

Borrit Boshart looks forward to the return of international ice hockey. “It can be a great tournament for the Netherlands and we as T-Rex Rubber are proud that we can contribute to this. I also definitely intend to go to Zagreb and support the team.”

The Dutch Ice Hockey Association interviewed Borrit, read the entire interview on their website (in Dutch only):

T-Rex Conveyor Belt Slitting & Winding Lines

T-Rex Tailor-Made Service

T-Rex Conveyor Belt Slitting & Winding Lines:

Ultramodern and Safe Equipment for Handling Conveyor Belts with extra Protection for Safety of Personnel

Please click here to open PDF

Automatic Slitting Devices, max. width 2.400 mm
Turning Tables for Profiled Belts
Winding Lines, max. weight 12.000 kg

T-Rex Conveyor Belt Slitting & Winding Lines

Tailor-made Service: Conveyor Belts in custom lengths and widths upon request
T-Rex Conveyor Belt Slitting & Winding Lines T-Rex Conveyor Belt Slitting & Winding Lines T-Rex Conveyor Belt Slitting & Winding Lines
T-Rex Conveyor Belt Slitting & Winding Lines T-Rex Conveyor Belt Slitting & Winding Lines T-Rex Conveyor Belt Slitting & Winding Lines
Information COVID19 | T-Rex Rubber International

Information COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Please click here to read below info in PDF

T-Rex Rubber International has ample stock and is able to buffer for several months. We are monitoring the developments and communicating with our partners continuously. We are very confident that we can supply on demand. Our team in the warehouse will stay operational as normal to ensure the shipments are ready as planned and ready for pick-up.

To ensure the safety and health of our staff as much as possible, we have taken some precautions:

Instructions are supplied about how to optimize hygiene (how to wash hands properly).
Extra hand soap and disinfection sprays are available in all offices.
Personnel with symptoms of a cold or influenza are requested to stay at home (and to work from home office when possible).
Cleaning company will do extra cleaning on our premises. Besides the normal daily cleaning they will use Chlorine to clean the floor and lavatories. Alcohol sprays will be used to clean the door handles, light switches and telephones several times a day.

Extra precautions were taken:
• Limited access for external visitors and also no physical contact. Sorry but we cannot shake hands at this time.
• All drivers will be requested to wait at the main entrance of the warehouse for collection of their shipments.
• Separate lavatories are available for drivers. They are located next to the main entrance of the warehouse.

Business as usual, but with some changes
Our company will operate as usual (until further notice of Dutch government). All of our departments (Sales, Purchasing, Administration and Logistics) are running like normal. However some team members are forced to work from home due to the mandatory closure of schools and day cares.

Our Health and Safety Officer is 24/7 in contact with our management. Our company is following the latest developments closely. We are very grateful for the people who keep everything running, a special gratitude towards every one working in health care. Communication is the key; please contact us if any questions.

Take care of yourself and each other, health is most valuable!

T-REX continues to support Dutch National Ice Hockey Team

T-REX continues to support the Dutch National Ice Hockey Team

T-Rex Rubber International has been the Official Sponsor of the Dutch National Ice Hockey Team since 2016 and we will continue to support our “Dutch Lions” in 2019!

After winning every game of the World Championship in Division II A Team Netherlands was promoted to Division I B. This year Team Netherlands will face Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, Japan and Romania, Ukraine in the Tondiraba Ice Hall in Tallinn, Estonia.

Please click here to open PDF

2019 World Champtionship Division I group B
28 April 2019 20:00 hrs Netherlands vs. Poland
29 April 2019 20:00 hrs Estonia vs. Netherlands
01 May 2019 13:00 hrs Netherlands vs. Ukraine
02 May 2019 13:00 hrs Japan vs. Netherlands
04 May 2019 13:00 hrs Romania vs. Netherlands

Please find updates about Team Netherlands on
Official schedule and other information about this tournament on

Dutch win World Championship IIA

Result of World Championship Ice Hockey

Dutch win World Championship Div. II A !

Please click here to open PDF

Our Dutch National team won every game of the World Championship in Division II A with big result: promotion to Division I group B. Extremely well done!
Next year they will be facing Romania, Ukraine, Estonia, Japan and Poland.

As official sponsor we are extremely proud, especially the T-Rex jersey makes us happy!

Please find more info and links to full videos from the WC18 games in Tilburg on this page. Please find below links to summaries of the games (only the goals!).

Game results World Champtionship div. IIA, Tilburg Netherlands
23 April 2018: Netherlands vs. China 7 – 0 Please click here to see summary
24 April 2018: Iceland vs. Netherlands 1 – 11 Please click here to see summary
26 April 2018: Netherlands vs. Serbia 5 – 0 Please click here to see summary
28 April 2018: Belgium vs. Netherlands 2 – 10 Please click here to see summary
29 April 2018: Netherlands vs. Australia 9 – 2 Please click here to see summary
Team T-Rex zoekt uitbreiding

Team T-Rex zoekt uitbreiding

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T-Rex Rubber International met Europa’s grootste en meeste complete inventaris, levert als beste totaalleverancier kwalitatief hoogwaardige producten tegen scherpe prijzen aan de “bulk material handling” industrie.
Onze visie: een solide relatie op lange termijn met  onze klanten opbouwen door middel van betrouwbare leveringen en ongeëvenaarde service. En dit kan alleen als één team! Om onze organisatie te versterken en het succes verder uit te bouwen, zijn wij op zoek naar gedreven kandidaten voor de volgende functies binnen ons team (klik op de links voor meer informatie):

Commercieel medewerker Verkoop Binnendienst (Accountmanager) M/V
Purchaser M/V
Magazijnmedewerker M/V
Medewerker Logistiek ADR M/V

Wie past er in ons team?

Je komt te werken in een jonge en dynamische organisatie. Net als je collega’s weet je hoe je je prioriteiten moet stellen, steek je vervolgens
de handen uit de mouwen en doe je een stap extra wanneer dit nodig is. Flexibiliteit is een must! In de organisatie hangt een directe, open en
informele sfeer.

Wat bieden wij?

– Een goede werksfeer, leuke collega’s en klanten.
– Een gevarieerde baan bij een stabiel bedrijf.
– Prima secundaire arbeidsvoorwaarden, zoals een premievrije pensioenregeling.


Wij nodigen je uit om je brief met C.V. per e-mail te richten aan de heer J. Pal via
Ga naar onze vacaturepagina voor meer informatie over bovenstaande vacatures of mail ons!

T-Rex supports TEAMNL

T-REX supports Dutch Team in 2018

T-Rex supports TeamNL in 2018

Please click here to open PDF

T-Rex Rubber International has been the Official Sponsor of the Dutch National Ice Hockey Team since 2016 and we will continue to support the “Orange” in 2018!
Our National team started this season with 2 friendly matches against the Belgium Team with success!

Our country will host the 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Division II Group A in Tilburg, Netherlands from 23 to 29 April 2018.
Please check this page for schedule, information and updates.

T-Rex Official Sponsor of Dutch Ice Hockey Team

T-Rex Official Sponsor of Dutch Ice Hockey Team

T-Rex Rubber International has been the Official Sponsor of the National Ice Hockey Team of the Netherlands since the 1st of January 2016. This was rewarded in April 2016 at the World Championships in Division 2A with 5 wins in a row which led to the Championship, and promotion to Division 1B.

In 2017 T-Rex Rubber International’s allegiance to “Orange” continues and we hope for another year of sporting success!

Please click here for pressrelease of IJshockey Nederland (in Dutch only)

Please click here to open PDF

2016 World Championships Division 2A:
09 April 2016 Netherlands vs. Serbia 3-2
10 April 2016 Netherlands vs. Spain 3-2 e.t.
12 April 2016 Netherlands vs. Iceland 3-0
14 April 2016 Netherlands vs. China 9-0
15 April 2016 Netherlands vs. Belgium 6-2

Statistics International Ice Hockey Federation

2017 World Championships Division 1B:
23 April 2017 Netherlands vs. Japan
24 April 2017 Netherlands vs. Lithuania
26 April 2017 Netherlands vs. Croatia
28 April 2017 Netherlands vs. Great Britain
29 April 2017 Netherlands vs. Estonia

Overview Games International Ice Hockey Federation
The games on this tournament can be followed through the internet, with Online Streaming Media.

T-REX Helping Hulphond Nederland

T-REX Helping Hulphond Nederland

Stichting (nonprofit organization) Hulphond Nederland helps people who need physical or mental care by using assistance dogs. An assistance dog increases independence and improves quality of life.

We donated a complete flooring as T-Rex Rubber International so the dogs didn’t have to sit on a cold concrete floor.
The therapy dogs were very happy to sit on the new (less slippery and cold) floor on location Hoenderloo. Click here to see post on Facebook

Please also support Hulphond Nederland!

Please click here to open PDF

T-REX Helping Hulphond Nederland
The old and the new floor at Stichting Hulphond Nederland, with a little help of T-REX

Facility Improvements on T-Rex premises

Facility Improvements

Improving our facility: Re-decorating our office

Last year we renewed our T-Rex logo. So this year we decided it was time to renew our office on our facility. We started this project in December 2015: we renewed the carpets on the floor, the walls and window frames were painted fresh. To renew 16 workplaces (sales, logistics, administration and purchase department) we ordered new desks and monitor supports, but we also added a big lunch/ conference table in the area of the sales team.

One of the suppliers made some pictures and has put some info on their website.  They supplied new cupboards, flatscreen supports (on average two flatscreens per workspace), etc. The re-decoration of our current office (we moved in this office in 2009) was finished end of January this year.
More information about this project here

The largest and most complete inventory for bulk handling and bulk processing combined with “state of art” facilities on our premises!

Earlier Improvements on T-Rex Premises to Improve Our Efficiency:

  • Loading Dock | Capacity to (un)load two trucks at the same time
  • New Forklift Trucks | Two new forklift trucks are added to the fleet (total of 10 trucks since June 2015)
  • Laboratory for Quality Control | All tests are performed according DIN and ISO standards
  • Conveyor Slitting & Winding Lines | Fifth line is fully installed and operational.