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T-Rex News : Products, Projects and Solutions

March 18th, 2020

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T-Rex Rubber International has ample stock and is able to buffer for several months. We are monitoring the developments and communicating with our partners continuously. We are very confident that we can supply on demand. Our team in the warehouse will stay operational as normal to ensure the shipments are ready as planned and ready for pick-up.

To ensure the safety and health of our staff as much as possible, we have taken some precautions:

Instructions are supplied about how to optimize hygiene (how to wash hands properly).
Extra hand soap and disinfection sprays are available in all offices.
Personnel with symptoms of a cold or influenza are requested to stay at home (and to work from home office when possible).
Cleaning company will do extra cleaning on our premises. Besides the normal daily cleaning they will use Chlorine to clean the floor and lavatories. Alcohol sprays will be used to clean the door handles, light switches and telephones several times a day.

Extra precautions were taken:
• Limited access for external visitors and also no physical contact. Sorry but we cannot shake hands at this time.
• All drivers will be requested to wait at the main entrance of the warehouse for collection of their shipments.
• Separate lavatories are available for drivers. They are located next to the main entrance of the warehouse.

Business as usual, but with some changes
Our company will operate as usual (until further notice of Dutch government). All of our departments (Sales, Purchasing, Administration and Logistics) are running like normal. However some team members are forced to work from home due to the mandatory closure of schools and day cares.

Our Health and Safety Officer is 24/7 in contact with our management. Our company is following the latest developments closely. We are very grateful for the people who keep everything running, a special gratitude towards every one working in health care. Communication is the key; please contact us if any questions.

Take care of yourself and each other, health is most valuable!

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