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Facility Improvements on T-Rex premises

Facility Improvements

Improving our facility: Re-decorating our office

Last year we renewed our T-Rex logo. So this year we decided it was time to renew our office on our facility. We started this project in December 2015: we renewed the carpets on the floor, the walls and window frames were painted fresh. To renew 16 workplaces (sales, logistics, administration and purchase department) we ordered new desks and monitor supports, but we also added a big lunch/ conference table in the area of the sales team.

One of the suppliers made some pictures and has put some info on their website.  They supplied new cupboards, flatscreen supports (on average two flatscreens per workspace), etc. The re-decoration of our current office (we moved in this office in 2009) was finished end of January this year.
More information about this project here

The largest and most complete inventory for bulk handling and bulk processing combined with “state of art” facilities on our premises!

Earlier Improvements on T-Rex Premises to Improve Our Efficiency:

  • Loading Dock | Capacity to (un)load two trucks at the same time
  • New Forklift Trucks | Two new forklift trucks are added to the fleet (total of 10 trucks since June 2015)
  • Laboratory for Quality Control | All tests are performed according DIN and ISO standards
  • Conveyor Slitting & Winding Lines | Fifth line is fully installed and operational.