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Tru-Trac Case Study | Dual Return Tracker

T-Rex News : Products, Projects and Solutions

November 8th, 2021

Another good example of how to solve misalignment

Summary of Problem
Frequent stoppages of the conveyor belt for unknown reasons when running in dryer conditions without a counter weight.

Summary of Solution
Tru-Trac recommended a complete conveyor survey and had mine personnel describe the issues. After thorough analysis, Tru-Trac recommended installing two 2400 mm Dual Return trackers.

Summary of Results
Following Tru-Trac’s improvements, the conveyor belt now remains centered when running without a load. As a result, on-site staff can now use the conveyor belt at all times and production in the copper mine has increased.

Read the full case study on the new website of Tru-Trac!

Tru-Trac Case Study, Dual Return Tracker | T-REX Rubber International
Tru-Trac Case Study, Dual Return Trackers | Prevent belt misalignment
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