Repair Material

Repair material for quick fixes, your customer is ready for production!

T-Rex Screw Splice

T-Rex Screw Splice

T-REX Repair Material | Screws Splice

Splicing Material for making quick splices without a press and glue!

The splice is flexible so T-Rex Screw Splice can be applied with installation with scraper.
Smoother surface than most mechanical solutions.
Quick and reliable belt splicing solution.
Designed to be used without special belt maintenance tools.

Installation is ready for production after belt splicing is ready (no curing time and no waiting time).
Available in complete kit (25 meters) or per meter
Type Typical textile belts
TS35 EP250 EP 315 EP400 NQ, HTR, OR, Stainless
TS63 EP500 EP630 NQ, HTR, OR, Stainless
TS80 EP800 NQ, HTR
NQ = Normal Quality
HTR = Heat Resistant 200° EPDM
OR = Oil and grease Resistant
STAINLESS = Stainless Steel screws

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