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Croc Grip Belt Clamp

T-Rex News : Products, Projects and Solutions

June 9th, 2020

T-Rex Safety Products, Croc Grip Belt Clamp

  • Manufactured from high grade steel components that are lightweight : easy to transport and to assemble.
  • Accomodates the force requirements for many typical belt systems.
  • Meets the Work Load Limit (W.L.L.) of various conveyor systems.
  • Generates a gripping force that outperforms all competitive solutions.

T-Rex Safety | T-REX Croc Grip Belt Clamp

Exceptional belt service tool for all types of conveyor belt maintenance or conveyor belt installations in different working conditions

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Available in 3 types:
Mark 3 (W.L.L. 3 tonnes)
Mark 5 (W.L.L. 5 tonnes)
Mark 7 (W.L.L. 7 tonnes)

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